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Throughout Summer 2017, DemocracyKit delivered a webinar series covering the following topics:

1. Campaign team project management toolkit
2. NationBuilder for municipal campaigns
3. Campaign Website Best Practices
4. Tools for Communications & Fundraising
5. Managing Canvass & Phone Bank Data
6. Mobile canvassing for local campaigns

Project Management Toolkit

Working to launch a campaign? Looking to improve team productivity? Local campaign teams rely on a core team of dedicated volunteers working under tight time constraints. Every meeting counts. This suite of project management tools is designed to facilitate teams communication, action item tracking and simplify online file storage.

NationBuilder for Municipal Campaigns

A campaign database and professional approach to tracking supporter relationships from prospect through to champion can greatly increase the impact of your campaign team efforts. NationBuilder is a widely-adopted software-as-a-service tool including contact database, web site, email and text communications and finances. Starting at $29USD/month, NationBuilder offers local campaigns an affordable and usable out-of-the-box digital platform.

Campaign Website Best Practices

With the Alberta municipal election cycle underway, DemocracyKit has completed a review of campaigns websites. Join us as we walk through the findings. We’ll distill trends, discuss best practices, report on most common systems being used and provide tips as you prepare to launch your own website or improve on an existing campaign site.

Tools for Communications & Fundraising

Ready to start building your support base and raise funds for your campaign? This session covers tools and tips for email communications and campaign fundraising.

Managing Canvass & Phone Bank Data

Every municipal campaign is focused on identifying supporters, persuading undecided voters and getting out the vote on e-day. The majority of your campaign will be spent contacting voters at the door, on the phone and online. In this session, we will review example data management workflows for canvass and phone bank operations, illustrated with a live NationBuilder demo. We will also provide a NationBuilder walksheet customized for use on local municipal councillor and trustee campaigns.

Mobile canvassing for local campaigns

Ready to take your canvass data management to the next level? Mobile canvassing tools have become more affordable and usable in recent years. This session will cover the setup of Ecanvasser and guest Tyler Johnson will review mobile canvassing program on a trustee campaign.

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