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Fundraising Case Study - Campaign Technology

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Planning & Preparation

  • Understand the donation rules in your jurisdiction
  • Review other campaign financial statements from previous campaigns - to see and critique their approach to fundraising
  • Initial donor prospect list was largely a spreadsheet that the candidate produced, with proposed "asks".  After generating that, names were divided into those the candidate would call directly, and those that would be called by others.
  • One main coordinator working with three or four "rainmakers".  The "rainmakers" suggested additional names to the one the candidate had and were added to the list.  Each name was assigned to a rainmaker.Organized team phone calls to follow up and tracked each ask and result.
  • Decided to hold an initial ticketed fundraiser as a way to lock in friendly donors early  - in February for a 10-month campaign starting in January.
  • The candidate personally called to thank every early donor.

During the Campaign

  • Most donations people directly through Nationbuilder. Otherwise manual entry into NationBuilder.
  • Coordinator monitored every donation that came in and follow up when something was irregular.
  • Had an automated thank you email, and would follow up with personal emails for large donations or donations that had some "context" to them.

After the campaign

  • Donor refund forms -- is a big job at the end of the campaign.  Campaign legal advisor worked with Fundraising Coordinator to prepare the refund forms.

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