Municipal Campaign Kit


This orientation is designed to cover the fundamentals of municipal councillor and trustee election campaigns, introduce you to the DemocracyKit Library and contribution process. Resources are practical, detailed and focused on winning local election campaigns. DemocracyKit is maintained by a distributed network of volunteers with shared open values and relies on everyone pitching in what they can – just like a well-run campaign! 

Have questions or feedback as you go? Post topics to the forum for discussion. Let’s get started.


Considering a run for office or a role on a campaign? Start exploring video interviews to hear from others that have done it before. Browse resources on women, youth and diversity in politics. Here is a map of DemocracyKit content to orient you to the structure of resources in the library.

Assess a Run for Office

Campaign Manager Ange Valentini presents a worksheet with three exercises to help you assess your readiness to run for office: 1) Candidate Self-Assessment: Are you and your family ready? 2) Team Assessment: What are your strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities; 3) Conclusions & Next Steps.

Build Your Team

Recruiting your campaign team is one of the most important steps. It starts right away as you bring together a small group of advisors to help you build out your plan.


  • Recruiting a Campaign Team
  • Example Org Chart
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Create a Plan

This lesson covers key steps of the campaign planning process, laying the foundations on which your team will execute over the course of the campaign.


  • Campaign Plan
  • Finance & Legal
  • Communications & Policy
  • Voter Contact & Fundraising
  • Community & Strategic Alliances

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Choose Technology

Summer 2017 Campaign Technology Webinar Series:

1. Campaign team toolkit
2. NationBuilder for municipal campaigns
3. Campaign Website Best Practices
4. Tools for Communications & Fundraising
5. Managing Canvass & Phone Bank Data
6. Mobile canvassing for local campaigns

Contribute to DemocracyKit

DemocracyKit relies on contributions from individuals like yourself. We're a distributed network of volunteers and campaigners. Anyone can contribute. 

A few examples of ways you can contribute:

Have a community update or campaign story? Log in and post an article.

Attend a meeting of the Open Democracy Project and help with content editing – the volunteer organization which maintains DemocracyKit.

Worked on a campaign before? Log in and submit a library resource or video.

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