Posted by DemocracyKit on 04/24/2017

Sami Elhajjeh, Former Candidate | Why I ran

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Sami Elhajjeh, Former Candidate, Courtice, Ontario, Canada

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1. What was the main reason you chose to run for municipal office?

So I grew up in the Durham Region. I was raised in Durham Region and moved to Courtice and when I moved to Courtice there was an incinerator being built, so one of the main reasons why I ran was to inform the end of inform residents about the potential issues of the incinerator. You know, dioxins and furans could lead to cancer so I just wanted to possibly increase testing so that it would be safer for residents.  And then, as I began to campaign and go door knocking I started discussing more issues with residents. You know, lack of community programs, the community centres so on and so forth, so it kind of fuelled a fire to to do well and create a positive change in the community where I live.
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