Posted by DemocracyKit on 04/25/2017

Sami Elhajjeh, Former Candidate | Door knocking

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Sami Elhajjeh, Former Candidate, Courtice, Ontario, Canada

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1. What was the process of door knocking like and what is your advice to new candidates?

The door knocking piece was was actually quite interesting and one of the main reasons I wanted to door knock was - two reasons - finances, first off.  It was obviously way cheaper for me to door knock than to send a flyer and then secondly and most importantly is to introduce myself to residents and notify them that, you know, I'm interested in running and this is what I have to offer and this is what I can bring about. I can bring about change and, you know, as one example that I did, you know, for everybody that requested a sign I took a picture with them and you know this was great for my website and also great for individuals.  I always ask for permission, obviously, but it was, uh, they felt like they were a part of something, you know? Part of a movement, part of change, so on and so forth. Door knocking is by far the most important aspect of any campaign and it should never be replaced.
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