Posted by DemocracyKit on 04/25/2017

Sami Elhajjeh, Former Candidate | About the race

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Sami Elhajjeh, Former Candidate, Courtice, Ontario, Canada

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About the race

Okay so just some context into into where I ran. I ran for a local council seat. It was vacant because the incumbent wanted to move up to a regional council seat so I was up against a few other individuals who had run previously but lost, and I was running against an individual who had name recognition and who was also a school board trustee but who was running in the ward even though the individual didn't live there.  The results, because of the hard work that I did and the door knocking and the namer and and getting to know individuals, I almost won I lost by less than three percent which equated to less than 300 votes. So it was a very good run, and I want to run again because I would still want to bring about that positive change in the community I live in and benefit residents down the road.

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