Posted by DemocracyKit on 03/27/2017

Riley Peterson, Youth Coordinator | Advice for youth

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Riley Peterson, Youth Coordinator, Toronto, Ontario, Canada


0:00 What would you say to youth looking to get involved in a municipal campaign?

So if a young person came to me and told me that they wanted to volunteer on a municipal campaign I would tell them to do some research and make sure the campaign that you would like to volunteer on is a good fit for you because you want to make sure when you're there you're giving it your best effort so you're not wasting anyone's time and you feel happy with what you're doing in the community.

0:28 How do I make the most out of the experience?

I would say for me what really made the most of my experience was when I was there, I looked for something to do and I just did it. So you kind of have to be a self-starter and just give it your best effort and make sure you make friends and mentors while you're there because those relationships continue after the campaign and it's really valuable to have those kinds of relationships.

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