Posted by DemocracyKit on 03/27/2017

Richard Wiltshire, Campaign Manager | Exploring a run

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Richard Wiltshire, Campaign Manager, Toronto, Ontario, Canada


0:00 What should you think about when you’re exploring a campaign run?

Right so it's early days of your campaign. What are a few things that you should really think about?  I would suggest three things: firstly is just personal reflection. Ensure that you've thought about the challenge that you're about to partake, you have the mental and emotional and physical capacity to do it and you're excited to do it. Second, your family and friends. Running, running a campaign is not only about you but it's about those who surround you and making sure that you know your home and your family are supportive of the work that you're about to partake in. And then thirdly, who is that close group of ten people that will form your core campaign team. Who you're going to need to be 110% committed and behind you on this campaign. And if you have those three things - you're personally committed, your family and friends are supportive and you've got a group of 10 or so people that you can fully rely on, you're off to a great start.

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