Posted by DemocracyKit on 03/27/2017

Richard Wiltshire, Campaign Manager | Community Stakeholders

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Richard Wiltshire, Campaign Manager, Toronto, Ontario, Canada


0:00 What are the major stakeholder groups in a ward?  

So stakeholdering, a critical part of a campaign. I think that at the highest level one way to think about it is who are your top fifty to a hundred influencers in a particular community? Just brainstorm that as a starting point and identify who are those people. Some groups that you might consider, some groups and groupings of people or categories that might be relevant you can think about political parties and affiliations in a particular area you can think about the labour movement in a particular area, you can think about things like condos or residential or building organizations. You can think about resident groups, Business Improvement Associations, cultural groups groups for seniors, groups for young people. There's all sorts of these places or smaller gatherings or groupings of people and every community is unique so I think that's the right starting spaces. What are the top 100 influencers in the community and every time you meet one ask them for more people who you should be talking to and you're going to get good coverage of those people that are most influential in your community.

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