Posted by DemocracyKit on 03/27/2017

Richard Wiltshire, Campaign Manager | Communication

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Richard Wiltshire, Campaign Manager, Toronto, Ontario, Canada


0:00 What’s the most important thing when running a volunteer campaign?

Running a volunteer political campaign, uh in that exercise, one of the most important activities is communication and recognizing that everybody on your team is likely volunteers; understanding how are you going to communicate with each other to stay coordinated and execute your plan. So one of the first things I would think about is amongst your leadership team what is the frequency and time that you're going to meet and discuss campaign strategy actions that have been done and actions that need to be done. Setting up a weekly or a biweekly call might be a good example of how you get that work done.  And then if you think of each of the important pillars of your campaign: field operations or canvas, communications, stakeholdering - those teams may also have weekly meetings with their leaders to get organized and focused on one of the most critical things we do so the the keys in this aspect are a regular communication cadence being really efficient with folks' time and then following up and getting your actions done every week towards that big day of Election Day.

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