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Morgan Baskin, Former Mayoral Candidate | The candidate experience

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Morgan Maskin, Former Mayoral Candidate, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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1. What were the first few weeks of the campaign like?

When I first started getting attention that was really overwhelming partly because I didn't expect it in any way. I had expected that, you know, someone might write one article and my parents would think it was fun and it would be something we talk about later. I never expected that I would get a lot of media attention so that was really overwhelming and at that point I didn't, I still didn't have a clear idea of, you know, really what a platform needed to be let alone what mine was. And I didn't have a clear idea, you know, what I wanted to save in the medium, what I wanted people to take away from when I spoke.  And so definitely during those early weeks I needed to figure out all of those pieces you know what did I really want people to remember when I stopped speaking, and thinking about what what my big message was. And I decided that I, you know, what had gotten me angry was young people I you know I was interested in transit and the environment and parks and playgrounds and schools and all of those pieces, but what got me angry and why I got involved was that young people in the city didn't have jobs and couldn't find housing and I wanted to live in the city and work in the city. Um and so that piece about what was original and what was truly me was also the piece that I wanted people to take away and, you know, not my throwaway opinions on parkland. And so deciding that and deciding what I wanted people to remember was really crucial.  Um and then from there you know figuring out how to narrow down all of those, how to narrow down that in all of the areas. How to narrow down what I wanted to look like in photos and what I wanted people to see on my website, and, you know, how I wanted to speak to the media and which media I wanted to speak to when I you know was in the lucky position to be able to make choices like that. Um and all of that took a lot of thinking and you know I did two sets of headshots, I definitely didn't get it right the first time. But deciding what felt me but also what felt important because there were lots of things that felt authentic to me and who I was and why I was running, but not all of them felt also important. And there were lots of things that felt important but not all felt like they were important to me. And I came to the kind of digital global Greenpeace because they were all things that I felt that were important to young people and they were all things that were also important to me and picking only a few made it easy to talk about and easy to have sound bites and easy to even in a five-minute interview talk about every aspect of my platform and be able to touch on each of them in some depth. That was... there was no better decision I made then having a really small really compact platform that I could talk about really well and got really good about talking about.
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