Posted by DemocracyKit on 04/23/2017

Morgan Baskin, Former Mayoral Candidate | Laying the foundation of a campaign

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Morgan Baskin, Former Mayoral Candidate, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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1. What was key in laying the foundation for your campaign?

Getting started the things I did before I, you know, filed my papers umm so the pieces that were the real beginnings... Definitely having a good support system. I was lucky to have that built in to my family and to have friends that were supportive, but making sure those people are on board with what you're doing and they don't need to be on board with the fact that you know you want to be city councillor or you want to be mayor, but they need to be on board with you and supporting you and what you're doing whether it's you know Olympic diving or running for public office.  And then having a website and a clear idea of why I was doing what I was doing because there's no question people will ask more than "why?" And having that you know that fire and that heart of what I wanted and making sure people had ways to contact me and ways to get in touch.  You know Twitter and Facebook and you know an email address and a domain name and all of those kind of miniature online pieces so that people could get in touch with me and tell me what they thought and you know tell me that there were spelling mistakes in my tweets.

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