Posted by DemocracyKit on 04/23/2017

Morgan Baskin, Former Mayoral Candidate | Importance of visual identity

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Morgan Baskin, Former Mayoral Candidate, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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1. How important is your visual identity during a campaign?

What happens on your website and what happens on your Twitter and your Facebook, but it's also how you present yourself in the world. You know, how you do your hair and what clothes you wear as you know obnoxious as that may sound and feel. And so it has to be something that feels authentic - not only to other people when they're looking at it but also to you. It's something that you have to put on every morning for weeks and months on end so it's something you have to believe in just as much as you know your platform or what you're saying or what you're writing and but it also does need to feel authentic to other people people want to vote for people that they believe in and that they trust and so your visual identity is way, is a way to communicate your values and your vision and who you are as a person to the world without having to speak. It's a way to present you know what you care about and how you care and how you move through the world to people. And that is just as important as you know, how you want to fund public transit. That's just as important as you know any other aspect of your campaign and it has to be something that is consistent and memorable to people and just like your platform or your slogan or anything else about your campaign, you need to be able to replicate it and have it you know be something that people will remember and care about.
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