Posted by DemocracyKit on 04/23/2017

Mike Pyndus, Prospective Mayoral Candidate | Entering politics

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Mike Pyndus, Prospective Mayoral Candidate, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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1. What campaign challenges do you foresee as someone new to politics?

I think that's the biggest challenge is that I haven't been in politics before. I spent 30 years in the military where we were very politically neutral and then I became a member of the civil service and again I wasn't overly political. I was very dedicated to my job. So I think the biggest challenge is we have professional politicians who have been campaigning for 10-20, their whole lives basically, it becomes a job for them. And I had my specialties with the military, I had my specialties with the government and I would challenge people to question me on what I did professionally. But now I'm in a whole new world and really these people, if they're incumbents, they've been campaigning the whole time. Bingos, bazaars things like that you know, Facebooking, selfies so there's a really big challenge just become known and even to develop a brand, let alone ride on a brand.
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