Posted by DemocracyKit on 04/23/2017

Ian Capstick, Political Strategist | Why I endorse DemocracyKit

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Ian Capstick, Political Strategist, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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1. How can DemocracyKit benefit communities?

Hi my name is Ian Capstick. DemocracyKit is one of those things that's going to help you get into office but getting into office is really about getting your community's voice there. I come from the LGBTQ community and here in Ottawa we had Stéphane Émart-Chabot, our first LGBTQ councillor, and Alex Munter out in the City of Nepean. Having those voices there meant that I, as a gay man, felt just a little bit more connected to both then my regional government and my local government. So by electing a diverse number of people and voices, we're going to start to connect those communities more in-depth with our municipal governance and thus we'll all be governed just a little bit better.

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