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Erica Braunovan, School Board Trustee | What I love about the job

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Erica Braunovan, School Board Trustee, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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1. What do you enjoy most about being a school board trustee?

Erica Braunovan, school board trustee, zone 10, Somerset/Kitchissippi. Being involved in my community in this way allows me to see so many more people and to meet so many more people and I think it's really special and important because I bring my kids to a lot of the events with me and I think one of the great things is that now when we walk down the streets the kids know parents from other schools, they know principals and teachers at other schools, they know kids from other schools, they know their city councillor, they know the city councillor for the next ward over and they know their MPP, they know their MP. Like these are people that are part of their community and and it really I think helps ground us when you're living in a ward like Somerset where there's a lot of high-rises around you and a lot of people seem to put space even though we're living so close together. It really connects us to our neighbours and to the people on the street that we're walking by.

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