Posted by DemocracyKit on 04/24/2017

Eric McGoey, Campaign Manager | Outreach

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Eric McGoey, Campaign Manager, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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1. What makes a strong outreach strategy?

Outreach varies depending on the community that you're trying to serve. Some communities have very large ethnic or religious communities where getting the support from particular leaders is essential in terms of winning. Other communities don't have those large groups and in those situations you're probably going to be winning votes one at a time or in small clusters through, you know, coffee parties and neighbourhood associations, rate pair groups and so on. That's one of the things that your team should be doing early on - identifying the relevant groups and communities that you need to win over, thinking about who the leaders are that'll be a source of advice and endorsements and potentially help thinking about who can deliver blocks of votes or groups of volunteers. Sometimes that might mean labour unions, sometimes that might mean community or religious organizations and sometimes you're just building a team from scratch with individuals friends of yours, people you went to school with, people that you know through politics. It's hard to say that there's one hard and fast rule that works for stakeholder outreach across different types of election campaigns.
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