Posted by DemocracyKit on 04/23/2017

Connor Bays, Open Democracy Project Volunteer | Getting involved

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Connor Bays, Open Democracy Project Volunteer, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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1. What are the benefits of getting involved in municipal politics?

Hi my name is Connor and I'm a volunteer with the Open Democracy Project. I would really encourage anyone to get involved and volunteer on a municipal campaign because it's really a great way to meet a ton of interesting people and learn a lot about, firstly, how the political process works, but also work on real issues that matter to people at the local level. In a sense all politics is local, but when you're working on a municipal campaign like how I got started - which was on the 2014 Toronto campaign - you really see what issues matter to people in their communities and when you're going door-to-door and talking to folks, you really get a sense of what matters to people and you work for a candidate who can hopefully make a difference.

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