Posted by DemocracyKit on 04/23/2017

Avery Au, DemocracyKit Volunteer | Role of a DemocracyKit Content Coordinator

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Avery Au, Compliance Module Coordinator, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Role of a DemocracyKit Content Coordinator

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Hey everyone my name is Avery, I'm a volunteer with DemocracyKit. I've been leading the compliance module. I'm just here to talk to you a little bit about my involvement what it's like to lead a module, how long it took, what went - what was involved and why you should be leading a module as well. So I joined DemocracyKit coming out to Civic Tech on Tuesdays. My background is a lawyer, I'm really interested in how legal information is presented, how to make it more accessible to the public, so that was one of my main reasons I got involved with DemocracyKit. As leading a module the time period has been about four months. It's taken me if a few weeks definitely to get up to speed on the rules. I don't have a background in municipal campaigns myself, just a background in the law so it required me to get up to speed on what the information was that I needed to present. So my role really has been coordinating weekly meetings with the compliance team, getting volunteers on board who would help contribute content and then interviewing people experts or people who have really a lot of experience municipal campaigns and getting their knowledge. And I guess one of the key tasks was identifying where our value-add was. There's a lot of really good information resources already available offered by municipal governments, provincial governments so we wanted to find out you know what things that were not said there or what you know could we make easier to understand or the kind of nuggets of information to present. So I would say that you know one of the in order to keep it limited within that four-month timeframe to get some a product out was a lot of the work was in just narrowing our scope. And, and just I guess you know choosing a deadline and then sticking to that. So yeah, I would I would really recommend you know getting involved in this way it's kind of a finite period of time I definitely learned a lot doing it, and I think it's really valuable the product that we did produce. So yeah thanks for listening and hope see you around!
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