Import Data

Import demonstration

The video above provides an in-depth data import walkthrough in NationBuilder. Here are time markers for topics covered:

  • Methods of importing data (00:00 - 02:15 min)
  • Review of import dashboard and documentation (02:15 - 16:02 min)
  • Import example (16:02 - 25:35 min)
  • Voter list - Toronto 2018 (25:25 - 27:30 min)

Import documentation

Regardless of what software platform you choose to manage your contacts, be sure you take time to review import documentation to ensure your data is backed up, your import files are properly structured and you understand how contact records are updated or overwritten on import. If you are using NationBuilder, here are resources to familiarize yourself with:

Complete your first import

It's time to import your first file.

We recommend keeping it simple and starting with a small data set (e.g. less than 1000 records). A great first group of contacts to import are your candidate's existing supporters – family, friends and colleagues who support your run for office and want to receive your updates.

  1. Prepare your data in a spreadsheet (e.g. Google Sheets or Excel) 
  2. Save or download your file as a CSV
  3. Take a database snapshot before you complete your import
  4. Import your file following the steps outlined in the video above (See import example from 16:02 - 25:35 min)

View the NationBuilder import preparation guide for more information.