Posted by Marce Bylinska on 12/29/2017

Why So Few Women And Minorities In Local Politics? Incumbency And Affinity Voting In Toronto Municipal Ward Races


"Incumbency is a significant predictor of candidate success in municipal elections. Nonetheless, other voting shortcuts may be relevant in low information settings such as ward-level City Council races, and especially in situations where there is no incumbent. In this paper we test the effects of incumbency and gender and racial affinity in ward elections using data from the Toronto Election Study, a large-N survey of voters conducted around the time of the 2014 Toronto Municipal Election. Results reveal the absence of gender affinity effects at the ward level, regardless of the presence of an incumbent, but that racial affinity is a factor in wards without incumbents."

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AuthorR. Michael McGregor, Aaron Moore, Samantha Jackson, Karen Bird, Laura B. Stephenson
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