Posted by Marce Bylinska on 12/29/2017

Visible Minorities: What Individual Characteristics Determine Electoral Success in Municipal Councils in the Greater Toronto Area?


"This paper examines the extent to which individual characteristics contribute to electoral success in the municipal context with a particular focus on visible minority (VM) candidates in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). It uses a cross-sectional study approach to test four hypotheses: if the VM candidate was born in Canada, he/she is more likely to have electoral success; if the VM candidate has previous political experience, he/she is more likely to be elected to a municipal council; if the VM candidate has a political mentor, he/she is more likely to have electoral success; and if the VM candidate runs for office in a “colour coded” or high visible minority area, he/she is more likely to have electoral success. In addition, VM office holders in ten municipalities in the GTA – Ajax, Brampton, Clarington, Markham, Milton, Mississauga, Oakville, Richmond Hill, Toronto, and Vaughan – were selected to participate in a survey. The findings reveal that evidence from the survey results is inconclusive in relation to the arguments presented in the four hypotheses, indicating a need for further research."

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