Posted by Chris Cowperthwaite on 11/24/2017

How to post your DXC17 insights


We want to hear your DemocracyXChange reflections and any other stories you want to share about civic campaigns.

Steps to post your DemocracyXChange posts:
1. Log in to (or create) your DemocracyKit account then click "Edit Profile" to access your profile dashboard
2. Click "Add Article" then write your post
3. Optional: Upload a photo (recommended less than 500 KB file size)
4. Select "Yes" to publish once you're ready for the article to be public
5. Tag article "DXC17"
6. Click "Save Changes"

That's it! We'll watch out for your post and share in an upcoming Open Democracy Project community newsletter or through our social channels.

Thank you for sharing!

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