Create a Plan


This module will cover the key steps of the campaign planning process, laying the foundations on which your team will execute over the course of the campaign. Before diving in, hear veteran campaigner Ange Valentini introduce the planning process and some things to consider as you begin.

Campaign Plan

The campaign plan serves as the overarching game plan to keep the campaign team on track. Developing the campaign plan is also a significant opportunity to engage your team volunteers in creating a shared strategy that reflects your team’s best ideas. This topic provides a sample campaign plan covering the elements - from strategy and core principles to policy, ground game and more - that your team will execute over the course of the campaign.

Finance & Legal

Complying with municipal election rules can be a steep learning curve. There are detailed rules governing campaign contributions, expenses, and financial reporting as well as other issues such as signs, canvassing and advertising. Gaining a solid understanding of the rules is essential for developing your campaign’s budget, it’s fund-raising strategy, and for minimizing the risk of non-compliance. This topic will (1) help orient new volunteers to the financial and legal compliance issues and (2) provide valuable tools and advice from veteran campaigners to assist the campaign’s executive team.

Communications & Policy

Communications and policy provide the "content" for a campaign. Policy focuses on what the candidate stands for and what he or she is promising to do if elected. Communications is about the messages the candidate wants to send to the public, and different approaches for getting those messages across. This topic focuses on developing policy and planning communications.

Voter Contact & Fundraising

Key to the planning process is laying the groundwork for the campaign voter contact and fundraising: establishing how many votes you will need to win, how much money you need to raise and crafting a plan to persuade, identify and get those voters to the polls.

Community & Strategic Alliances

The most important stakeholder in any campaign is the voter. However other groups and individuals - such as cultural communities, political figures, community-based organizations, businesses, labour organizations and media - are key to shaping voter opinion and campaign success. Forging alliances with stakeholders who share your goals or values will play a key role bolstering and rallying support to your campaign. This topic focuses on identifying these key stakeholders and creating a plan to engage them.

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