Posted by Marce Bylinska on 05/30/2017

Political Podcasts

Political Podcasts

I had been looking around recently for some new podcasts on Canadian politics, and realized after finding a few short lists on Reddit on the same topic that it might be helpful for others to collect them, along with some others I found along the way, into a much larger list for all to explore. 

And here's the list, in no particular order... and no, I don't listen to all of these - I only have one set of ears! 

More Local:

Politicoast (British Columbia):

Coast Reporter (British Columbia):

Calgary Sun’s The Confluence:

The Broadcast (Edmonton):

On the Record, Off Script (Nova Scotia):

CBC Radio New Brunswick Spin Reduxit:

More National:

The Boys in Short Pants:

Canadaland Commons:

The Docket:

Maclean’s On the Hill:

Political Traction:

Brief Remarks:

Canadian Political Underground:

The Strategists:

CBC Election Pollcast:

CBC Power and Politics:

CBC The House:

Less Politics, More Planning, Still Local:

Invisible City:

Spacing Toronto:

If you have any favourites to add, or have some feedback about the list, please send me a note!

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